Santa Cruzin

This was all filmed in a day around Benjamin's neighborhood. So many spots in Santa Cruz, it's nuts! Most of this was just on the way to get coffee and shit! Which is the best type of shit to film, just cruzin!!

What They Wore: Coachella Music Festival 2012

Coachella Valley based photographer Adam Moore shot these photos at The Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California, only days before they set up for the two week long festival. Stylist Luisa Marielli featured vintage clothing for the ladies from The Fine Art of Design, and men's street wear wardrobe from local shop, Fresh Out The Box. A great crew of talent, including MAC make up artist Deanna Paley, and hair artists Carlyn Park and Staci Hall, took the shoot to the next level. The models are Coachella Fest veterans, all residing locally in the valley.
A very special thank you to The Desert Sun for the article:

Coachella Fest Style

The Desert Sun was cool enough to feature Adam Moore's photography, featuring clothing from Fresh Out The Box and The Fine Art of Design. So many props to the resilient crew: Staci Hall (hair), Carlyn Park (hair), Deanna Paley (make up) and models Mario Ortega, Haley Waxman, Kimberlee V, Makean M!


After a long a day of skateboarding the best thing you can do is roll one up and do it all over again.

Landen has been on a killing spree lately so why not take the night off to chill and smoke a blunt. That way we can go skate some more!

On this night we drove around looking for potentials, new and old. Music loud and clouds of smoke later we are back at it!

No LED light, less then twenty seconds left on my memory card and already dead camera battery.
We still push on! Barging thru shit while people are eating dinner is casual.
It must be all this weed we are blowing cause we have been getting shit done everywhere we go. Landen's part is going to be nuts..

Quick Clips: Landen McMillon

Having fun is what it is all about! Get it while it's hawt!

"Haters, Hate ON!"

Quick Clips: Alec Sullivan Indio Skate Plaza

Alec rips! Day or night much like a surfer but way more chill!

We teamed up with The Desert Sun for an upcoming story
on what you should be wearing at Coachella... 
keep an eye out for the article this Sunday, April 8th.

Quick Clips: Thom Jacobs

Thommy boy here, is pretty much down for anything! A do now think later kinda dude, perfect for skateboarding and filming!


On the streets daily, with a Gang of Fools

When spots suck, it'll some how mess with your head, I guess in Jacob's case it set him up right!

This spot needs a lot of wax, so we caked it on as thick as we could.

Cristian had a few ideas for this spot, you tell by the look in his eye!

When you think you've put enough wax, you will always need to put more of it on..

Honeycutt always come thru..

Alan the Barber

Some times you need to freashin up your fade with fourty once of O.E and a ten minute wait, Alan will line you up and get you taken care of. quick fast and in a hurry!

Quick Clips: Andrew Cheatham

Chetto is a good homie of mine, and lives on top of a Barn. With a birds eye view of the hood, you can really find some real fun shit to shred. Hitting up any possibility, looking for imperfections, jumping fences, it's all part of the game. Hitting the streets on the daily!

Invading the hood

When this is the first spot of the day, you know it's going to be a good day out in the streets. Lately the flood gates have opened up and we have been invading the hood non-stop..

Thom has had his eye on this thing for a while i guess, cause we barged this no warm up!

A helping Hand never fails! Chetto is here for moral support on this one...


This is a little more like it

this is what are are looking for!

Oh wha!

Yeah he might be hella small but dudes has legs made outta steal!

Pancake Jake at it Again..

Pretty much any time this dude picks me up, I'm guaranteed something great! No mater the spot Jacob will always get a photo, a go to guy for photos!

On this day Jacob picked me up with a spot already in mind. Great I thought to myself, easy day at the office. I don't have to do much except shoot a photo, whaata breeze...

Little did i know that this was NO warm up spot, but a death trap with land mines and pot holes surrounding it. after closer expection we both agreed he was going to need stretch more then this to battle this fucking thing..

Whoa! Jake is blasting over the parking block! this is gunna be...

Ah Shit! There goes Pancake Jake again! Well we both knew he had it, but I guess not today.
Next Time Homie!

Alec Sullivan: A lil Behind the Trick

If you have ever shared a skate session, with Alec you know the dude just goes with the flow. Much like a surfer, mashing on a gnarly 20 footer,he'll be just cursing, wind in his hair and all. Alec does what feels right and he gets you hyped to shred. The only dude I know who will roll up with a 30 rack to sesh, and still kill it.

You can see Alec and all the rest of the homies in our new issue, which you can order today.

For the Homies!!

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